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September 2023 Podcast

Episode 1 - Non-Terrestrial Networks (NTNs) for Global Connectivity

This podcast on “Non-Terrestrial Networks (NTNs) for Global Connectivity" discusses the trends, challenges, standardisation perspective, use cases, applications and future prospects of deploying NTNs into 5G-Advanced and 6G communications. We shed light on the role of airborne NTNs such as unmanned aerial vehicles/flying platforms, integration of NTNs with latest 6G usage scenarios such as integrated sensing and communications, importance of integrating NTNs with terrestrial networks, spectrum harmonization of NTNs and cellular networks, role of artificial intelligence and computing in NTNs, and use cases such as NTNs for public safety applications.


Hosted By

Aryan Kaushik

Aryan Kaushik

Assistant Professor

University of Sussex, UK

Muhammad Zeeshan Shakir

Muhammad Zeeshan Shakir


University of the West of Scotland