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About ComSoc

The North America Board (NAB) is responsible for stimulating, coordinating and promoting the activities of ComSoc members and Chapters throughout the North America Region.

Board Roster

Chair/Director | Fawzi Behmann (2020-2023)

Voting Members (2022-2023)

Vice Chair | Newman Wilson
Secretary | Raed Abdullah
Region 1 Representative | Ashutosh Dutta
Region 2 Representative | Kafi Hassan
Region 3 Representative | Devon Gayle
Region 4 Representative | Besma Smida
Region 5 Representative | Larry J Horner
Region 6 Representative | Pradeep Kumar
Region 7 Representative | Eman Hammad
VDL/DLT/DSP Coordinator (R1-R7) | Tim Weil

Non-Voting Members (2022-2023)

VDL/DLT/DSP Area Coordinator (R1, R2) | Newman Wilson
VDL/DLT/DSP Area Coordinator (R3, R4, R6) | Tamseel Syed
VDL/DLT/DSP Area Coordinator (R5) | Tim Weil
VDL/DLT/DSP Area Coordinator (R7) | Md Nafiul Islam

Information Services Committee (ISC)
Health Check/Trello | Raed Abdullah
Welcome New Chair/Chapter News | Sana Abou Shaaban
GCN | Amit Patel
Website News Update | Brian Page, Pradeep Kumar
Membership Development Committee (MDC)
Newman Wilson, Fawzi Behmann
Technical Activities Committee (TAC)
Eman Hammad, Kafi Hassan
Industry Relations Committee (IRC)
Larry Horner, Ashutosh Dutta, Pradeep Kumar, Anader Benyamin-Seeyar, Tim Weil, Upkar Dhaliwal
Student Activities Committee (SAC)
Besma Smida, Newman Wilson
Awards Committee (AC)
Anader Benyamin-Seeyar, Devon Gayle, Newman Wilson
Affinity Group Committee (AFC) YP, WIE, and LM
Sahereh Sahandabadi
Social Media Committee (SMC)
Pradeep Kumar

Director Member Services | Ricardo Veiga
VP, Member and Global Activities | Ana Garcia Armada

Executive Director | Harold Tepper
Staff | Cindy Tiritilli
Website | Natasha Simonovki
Membership | Vinny Rodriguez
Technical Activities and Education | Cynthia Sikora
Marketing | Trish Jaraicie


Ibrahim Gedeon
Rodney Wilson
Merrily Hartmann
T. Scott Atkinson
Zhensheng Zhang

Visit the North America Region Board website.

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