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About ComSoc

This section provides ​contributors and influencers of IEEE ComSoc conference websites with guidance on how to create and manage an IEEE ComSoc conference website that is in compliance with ComSoc’s brand.

Roles and Responsibilities

Web Chair
The Web Chair works with the conference's Organizing Committee to collect, create, and organize content for the website. The Web Chair submits website content requests via the ComSoc Ticketing System for the ICT Webmaster to post on the website.

ICT Webmaster
The ICT Webmaster works with the Web Chair to update content on the conference website. ICT Webmasters may be appointed for IEEE ComSoc's conference websites at the Organizing Committee's request.

Volunteer Webmaster
The Volunteer Webmaster updates and maintains the content on the conference website. For support with content that requires special setup or administration (e.g., Committee pages, Workshop pages, and homepage slideshow) the Volunteer Webmaster can request assistance from the ICT Admin via the ComSoc Ticketing System.


Standard Conference Website Template

IEEE ComSoc utilizes a standard template for conference websites, which provides a branded and consistent user experience.

Example of the standard conference website template.
Example of the standard conference website template.

Main Menu

The main menu consists of the following top-level pages:

This page contains a slideshow, welcome message, news and announcements, important dates, and patrons section.

This page contains a general description of the conference.

This page contains positions, names, affiliations, and photos (optional) of the committee members.

This page contains general information for authors, such as submission guidelines, policies, copyright information, and important dates.

This page contains information about the program and the program-at-a-glance.

This page contains information about the registration process, fees, and policies.

This page contains information about the venue, lodging, travel, and visas.

This page contains information about patron packages and opportunities.


Adding Content to the Website

All content will be posted in accordance to IEEE and ComSoc brand experience guidelines.

Note: The Committee is responsible for adding content to the pages listed below in order to launch the website:

Page Description of Content Needed Staff Contact
Home - Welcome Message Add welcome text and other announcements. (See previous year) Marketing
Home - Important Dates Add the submission and proposal deadlines (e.g., Call for Papers, Call for Workshop Proposals, etc.) Your Conference Planner
About Add a detailed description about the conference. (See previous year) Marketing
Organizing Committee List the name, affiliation, and country of the General Chair(s), TPC Chair(s), Finance Chair, and Web Chair/Webmaster. If adding photos, see the Image Use Policy. Marketing


Adding Images to the Website

All IEEE ComSoc conference websites must adhere to the Image Use Policy.

  • Photo permissions must be obtained before posting the photo on the website. An email granting permission to use a photo on the website is acceptable. Please contact Marketing for more details.
  • Photo credits must be placed as a caption below the photo (e.g., "Photo courtesy of John Smith")

Image Guidelines

Committee Photo Guidelines

  • Recent and front-facing headshot taken within the past 5 years
  • High resolution (at least 400x600) in JPG format
  • Please avoid photos that are stretched, dimly lit, or contain other people in the background

Patron/Sponsor Logo Guidelines
Patron/Sponsor Logos that are added to the website should be in PNG format with a transparent background.


Workshop Website Policy

All IEEE ComSoc conferences (with greater than 50% sponsorship) having associated workshops are required to have those workshops' “websites” reside within the associated conference’s website.

To request workshop subsites to be set up for your conference, please submit a ticket via the ComSoc Ticketing System with the following information for each workshop:

  • Workshop's full name
  • Workshop's number (e.g., WS-1)
  • Workshop Organizer’s name and email address. (Please limit each workshop to one point of contact.)


Launching the Website

Requests to launch the website should be submitted by the Web Chair or Volunteer Webmaster via the ComSoc Ticketing System.

Please note that Marketing will need to review and approve the website before it can go live to ensure that the website follows IEEE and ComSoc brand guidelines and image use policy.