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IEEE Communications Society Tutorials

View in-depth presentations recorded at recent IEEE Communications Society-sponsored conferences.

These tutorials cover current communications technology topics including wireless communications, RF communications, optical communications, consumer communications, and networking. Complimentary access to these webcasts is brought to you courtesy of our sponsors and will be offered for a limited time.

Challenges and Development for 5G Wireless Network Security

Wireless security is one of the most important topics and attracting more and more attention from industry, research, and academia. Network system security encompasses integrity, authentication, confidentiality and non-repudiation of both user and management information. Unlike wired communication networks that have some degree of physical security, physical security in mobile wireless communication networks is impossible to achieve on wireless links (because of the broadcast nature) and therefore security attacks on information flow are the most widespread. Modification of information is possible because of the nature of the channel and the mobility of nodes. The radio channel is harsh and subject to interference, fading, multipath, and high error rates. As a result, packet losses are common even without security threats. An opponent can make use of these natural impairments to modify information and also render the information unavailable. This tutorial will address all these issues. Special attention will be paid to wireless specific issues, e.g., tradeoffs between security and power consumption, adaptively changing security protocols in response to the radio channel, etc. Secure wireless communications will certainly be part of other advances in the industry such as multimedia streaming, data storage and sharing in clouds, mobile cloud computing services, etc. This tutorial covers the topics on the recent development of security for next generation mobile wireless networks, with focusing on 4G (LTE and LTE-A) and 5G mobile wireless network systems, followed by a discussion on the challenges and open research issues for 5G wireless network security.


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5G Wireless Communications with High Mobility

In summary, many mobility related research problems still exist, and can become major obstacles to the development of 5G and beyond. Therefore, the proposed special issue aims to bring together researchers, industry practitioners, and individuals working on these related areas to share their new ideas, latest findings, and state-of-the-art results.


Deep Learning Models and Techniques for Security and Privacy Preservation in 5G Heterogeneous Networks (5G HetNets)

This Special Issue (SI) solicits the Deep Learning based security and privacy preservation solutions for handling the aforementioned challenges in 5G HetNet. It has been found in the literature that deep learning based models and techniques are widely used in wide variety of problems in 5G HetNets.


Free Tutorial on 5G – Recent Advance and Future Evolution

This panel will be a very timely opportunity to discuss lessons learned from trials and initial commercialization efforts, ongoing challenges, business impacts, and the features to be included in future releases of 5G NR standards to address identified issues and to improve the ecosystem. In this panel, we will bring together leading experts from major operators, infrastructure, terminal, and chipset vendors, as well as other key members of the wireless communications industry ecosystem. These experts will provide views and insights to pave the way to realizing the vision of 5G and the business impact that 5G has been expected to have.