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About ComSoc

This section contains an overview of website requirements and style guidelines for IEEE ComSoc staff and volunteers involved in the development or enhancement of IEEE ComSoc websites.

Image Use Policy

How to use images for any IEEE ComSoc related materials, digital and printed media

  • If you are including any third party material in your presentation, website, social media post, etc., it is your responsibility to ensure that no copyright, trademark, trade secret, publicity or privacy rights, or other intellectual property rights are being violated.
  • If you do not own the copyright for an image, you should request for either a completed release form or written permission from the photographer/entity/copyright holder to use an image in your particular website or presentation and send a copy to the IEEE ComSoc Marketing team.
  • The general assumption is that no images/graphics downloaded from the Internet or provided by amateur photographers are "safe to use" for any IEEE-related purposes (including websites, PowerPoint presentations, PDFs, flyers, calls for papers, social media, etc.).
  • The IEEE ComSoc Marketing team provides IEEE brand compliant marketing images that are approved for use and have all of the necessary copyright licenses. Please contact the IEEE ComSoc Marketing team for details.
  • If you have any questions or concerns about any images on your websites/presentations/collateral materials, please send them to the IEEE ComSoc Marketing team for analysis or to request an alternative image with an appropriate copyright license.
  • For allowed imagery themes please refer to the IEEE Visual Identity Guidelines.
  • For the usage of imagery on social media, please refer to the IEEE Social Media Policy.
  • Please note that some graphic and design edits require pre-approval by the IEEE ComSoc Marketing team. BEFORE posting graphics on the website, please send a request to the IEEE ComSoc Marketing team for review.

Legal Considerations

Do not use content and/or images from another website (including IEEE ComSoc websites) without permission. For example, do not use Google images found through search without permission of the owner.

Provide the source of the photo, as a caption, of all content that is not original, once permission for publishing has been obtained. 

Photo credits must be placed as a caption below the photo (e.g., "Photo courtesy of John Smith")

IEEE ComSoc Digital Style Guide

Image Formats

Formats and types of graphics Recommended image formats are GIFs, JPEGs, and PNGs

  • GIF: solid-colored images, line art, clip art; 256 colors maximum, supports transparency images
  • JPEG: photographs, continuous tone images; gradients, does not support transparency
  • PNG: bitmapped image format that employs lossless data compression and supports transparency

Size And Quality

File sizes

  • Background images: Try to keep the file size around or below 10 KB (IEEE digital sites only).
  • Banners and header images: up to 70 KB is acceptable.
  • Thumbnail images: up to 45 KB is acceptable.
  • High-end photographs: up to 100 KB maximum. Reduce resolution to 72 dpi for the web.
  • Test your graphics on multiple platforms (PC/Mac) and browsers.

Alternate Text

When using images on a web page, be sure to use meaningful alternative text ("alt text") so that users with disabilities using assistive devices are able to understand the image(s).


Please review the IEEE Style Guide: Content page for IEEE's recommended style conventions and grammar.