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This is a blog by the Editor in Chief (EIC) of IEEE Journal on Selected Areas in Communications (IEEE JSAC). The purpose of the blog is to promote papers published in IEEE JSAC as well as deal with other topics relevant for this journal.


6 March 2024
Chat with the Guest Editors: Next-Generation Optical Communications and Networking

20 February 2024
Programmable Traffic Control Service in Open RAN for Reducing Latency

6 July 2023
New Impact Factor in 2023 and a Snapshot of Topics in Communication Engineering

6 March 2023
Chat with the Guest Editors: Special Issue on Electromagnetic Signal and Information Theory for Communications

14 February 2023
Synchronizing the Physical Devices with the Metaverse

23 December 2022
Wrapping up 2022 in IEEE JSAC and a Glimpse into 2023

7 November 2022
Chat with the Guest Editors: Special Issue on Open RAN (Radio Access Networks)

18 October 2022
Approaching Explainable Machine Learning in the Analysis of Communication Network Traffic

15 September 2022
Ten IEEE JSAC Articles with the Highest Impact

19 August 2022
Wireless Localization based on Wheel Rotation

14 July 2022
Exploring the Potential of Orthogonal Time Frequency Space (OTFS) for Integrated Sensing and Communication

30 June 2022
IEEE JSAC gets an Upgraded Impact Factor

10 Jun 2022
A Reconfigurable Intelligent Surface (RIS) that Removes Interference Among Concurrent Wireless Links

31 May 2022
Holographic Multiple Access in Wireless Communications

2 May 2022
Detecting Cheaters in Digital Interactions Using Noisy Channels and Error Control Coding

22 Mar 2022
How to Split a Learning Model Across a 5G Wireless Network

25 Jan 2022
Introduction to the blog “Selected Ideas in Communications”