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Duties of the Editor-in-Chief

  • Coordinate all J-SAC activities.
  • Review proposal evaluations, and make appropriate decisions on new issues.
  • Assign a Senior Editor to act as the J-SAC Board Representative to new issues.
  • Work with J-SAC Board Representative and Guest Editors to insure that issue is published on time and within the page budget.
  • Coordinate overall page budget.
  • Work with the ComSoc Publications Board and the J-SAC Board to continue the development of J-SAC.
  • Handle problems as they arise.

Duties of the Executive Editor

  • Coordinate scheduling of issues.
  • Coordinate reviews of J-SAC proposals.
  • Coordinate publication of calls for papers in J-SAC and in other ComSoc publications.
  • Keep in close contact with the IEEE Publishing Department to identify problems early in the publications process.
  • Keep in contact with lead guest editors and mentors throughout the process of the special issue.
  • Receive lists of reviewers, statistics questionnaire, and prize paper nominations as soon as issue is published.
  • Schedule meetings of the J-SAC Board and prepare minutes of board meetings.
  • Maintain J-SAC Web pages.

Duties of the Senior Editors

  • Evaluate proposals for J-SAC issues.
  • Overview issues being prepared and those previously published in order to evaluate technical balance.
  • Stimulate proposals in technical areas needing attention.
  • Serve as J-SAC Board Representatives for issues under development to insure that issues are published on schedule and within the page budget.
  • Receive from guest editors lists of reviewers, statistics questionnaire, prize paper nominations, and recommendations of papers to summarize in ComSoc Technology News, as soon as the issue is published.
  • Review prize paper nominations and recommendations of papers to summarize in ComSoc Technology News.