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About ComSoc

Arumugam Nallanathan

2022 Member-at-Large
Europe, Middle East, Africa Region

Position Statement

Over the past 25 years, I have been actively participating in numerous ComSoc activities, including in journal editorship, conference organization, and leadership to technical committees. I intend to continue to serve and if elected I will work hard to:

  • Promote diversity within ComSoc in leadership and volunteering positions. Provide equal opportunities irrespective of age, gender, ethnic background, and geographic region.
  • Provide additional venues for emerging and disruptive new technologies and promote the impact of communications technology in other application domains.
  • Make ComSoc publications more affordable and accessible including more free and open source contents
  • Empower the local ComSoc chapters’ engagement with universities, local industries, and government agencies by proposing incentives.

Above all, I will work very hard to ensure ComSoc at the forefront of communications technology and provide value to our members’ professional careers. As your representative, I will ensure that your voice will be heard at the BoG meetings.


Arumugam Nallanathan is currently a Professor of Wireless Communications and the Head of Communication Systems Research (CSR) group at Queen Mary University of London. He was a Professor at King’s College London and an Assistant Professor at the National University of Singapore. He published more than 500 technical papers in the area of Wireless Communications and received several best paper awards. He has been selected as a Web of Science (ISI) Highly Cited Researcher in 2016. 

He has been in the editorial board of numerous ComSoc journals, including IEEE Transactions of Communications, IEEE Transactions of Wireless Communications and IEEE JSAC. He served as the Chair for the SPCC Technical Committee of ComSoc. He has been a Symposium Co-Chair for numerous IEEE ICC/GC Conferences. He received the outstanding service award from the IEEE ComSoc SPCC and RCC Technical Committees.  He is an IEEE Fellow and a Distinguished Lecturer of ComSoc.