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About ComSoc

Michele Nogueira Lima

2022 Member-at-Large
Latin America/North America Region

Position Statement

I have been very well-received as an active member of IEEE ComSoc for many years, participating in volunteering services such as journal editorship, conference organization, and technical committee events. My intention is to continue to serve IEEE ComSoc and extend IEEE ComSoc receptivity to many others, strengthening the diversity in gender, age and geographic region. If I have the honor to be elected Member-at-Large, I will work passionately to make IEEE ComSoc a more inclusive and accessible platform for its members, individuals, and organizations across the world. I will work to reinforce the attraction of new members and ensure that ComSoc’s initiatives are aligned with the needs of its members. I will pursue inclusion, providing equal opportunities to members; advance the development of approaches to ensure ComSoc is welcoming to new members, including students and those just starting their careers; and strengthen local Chapters’ engagement adapted to the Region.


Dr. Nogueira is an Associate Professor in the Computer Science Department at Federal University of Minas Gerais, Brazil. She holds a doctorate degree in Computer Science from the Sorbonne University, UPMC, France. She was on a sabbatical leave at Carnegie Mellon University, USA (2016-2017) and an intern researcher at Georgia Institute Technology, USA (2009). Her research interests include wireless networks, network security and dependability. Her works search to provide resilience to self-organized and wireless networks by adaptive and opportunistic approaches. Dr. Nogueira was one of the pioneers in addressing survivability issues in self-organized wireless networks. She serves as an Associate Technical Editor for IEEE Network Magazine and she served as an Associate Technical Editor for the IEEE Communications Magazine. Also, she served as chair, vice-chair and secretary for the IEEE ComSoc Internet Technical Committee. She is an ACM and IEEE Senior Member.