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Shui Yu

2022 Member-at-Large
Asia/Pacific Region

Position Statement

ComSoc offers a nutritious global ecosystem for the success of its numerous members. As a benefit receiver, I am keen to continue the tradition and repay to my peers, especially junior and student members of the family. I have been active in ComSoc with great enthusiasm in various ways, including leadership and chairing services for educational services, technical committees, and flagship conference organizing committees, editorial services for journals, and so on. In this highly dynamical age, I fully believe a member centred philosophy will make an even greater ComSoc. I have the technical background, extensive experience, and passion to serve the community. If elected, I will work hard, with your help, to:

  • Listen and represent the voices of our members.
  • Increase professional services to assist members to fulfil their dreams.
  • Promote transparency, diversity, fairness, and inclusiveness for each and every member.
  • Enhance interactions between academia and industry for mutual advancement. 


Shui Yu received his PhD from Deakin University, Australia in 2004, and is a full professor at University of Technology Sydney, Australia. He has published four monographs and edited two books, more than 450 technical papers. Shui possesses experience in both industry and academia in different roles.    

In ComSoc, Shui has served more than a dozen times as organizing committee members or technical symposium chairs for GC, ICC, and INFOCOM. He was a ComSoc Distinguished Lecturer 2018-2021. Dr Yu has been or currently is on the editorial boards of seven prestigious IEEE journals and magazines, such as area editor of IEEE Communications Surveys and Tutorials, series editor of IEEE Communications Magazine, and editor of IEEE IoT Journal.  Shui is now serving as a voting member of the ComSoc Educational Services Board, a vice chair of the Big Data TC, and the secretory of the Security TC.