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AP Regional Awards


Asia/Pacific Young Researcher Award
sponsored by
IEEE Asia/Pacific (APB) Board

IEEE ComSoc Asia-Pacific Board (APB) sponsors the “IEEE ComSoc Asia-Pacific Young Researcher Award”. This award honors young researchers who have been very active in IEEE ComSoc publications and conference activities over the last 3 years (Jan. 2013 to Dec. 2015).


  • The upper age limit for the applicant is 35 (i.e., the applicant must be born on or after 1980/01/01).
  • The applicant must be a member of the IEEE ComSoc Asia-Pacific region.
  • The “IEEE ComSoc Asia-Pacific Best Young Researcher Award” will be given to the best candidate, and other candidates will be considered for the “Outstanding Young Researcher Award(s)”.

Award Prize

  • The recipient of “IEEE ComSoc Asia-Pacific Best Young Researcher Award” will receive a certificate and an honorarium of US$500.
  • Each recipient of the “IEEE ComSoc Asia-Pacific Outstanding Young Researcher Award” will receive a certificate and an honorarium of US$250.

Selection Process

The application must be emailed to the IEEE ComSoc APB Technical Affairs Committee ( before the deadline. The application should be a single PDF file containing:

  • A cover page that contains the applicant's name, affiliation, mailing address, telephone, fax number, and e-mail address.
  • No more than 400 words: The applicant’s biography.
  • No more than two A-4 pages: Description of the applicant’s major research contributions over the last 3 years, including clear discussions of 3 most representative publications (e.g., journal/conference/magazine papers and monographs) published over the last 3 years. For each publication, please provide SCI and Google citation information, impact factor (if applicable), significance of the publication, and the applicant’s own contribution to the publication.
  • A complete list of publications and conference activities (over the last 3 years only), and the SCI/Google Scholar citations and H-index (of the entire career).
  • Awards/recognitions received (over the last 3 years only).

Remark 1: The last 3 years refers to the duration between January 2013 and December 2015.
Remark 2: A publication accepted but not published during the last 3 years should NOT be included in the application. An application not adhering to the above guidelines will not be considered.

Important Dates

  • Application Submission Deadline: July 31
  • Announcement of Awardees: October 1
  • Award Ceremony at Globecom 2016 (December)

Applications (and inquiries) should be directed to the following email address.
APB Technical Affairs Committee:




IEEE ComSoc Asia-Pacific Outstanding Paper Award

IEEE Asia-Pacific Board (APB) sponsors "IEEE ComSoc Asia-Pacific Outstanding Paper Award". This award honors outstanding original papers authored by members in the Asia-Pacific region and published in IEEE ComSoc journals and conferences over the last 3 years (Jan. 2013 to Dec. 2015)


  • The paper must be published in IEEE ComSoc journals, magazines, conference proceedings, and so on (including those technically co-sponsored by ComSoc) in the last 3 years (January 2013 to December 2015).
  • All authors' affiliations must be from the Asia-Pacific region at the time of publication.
  • The paper should be nominated by an IEEE ComSoc member from the Asia-Pacific region.
  • Self-nomination is not accepted.

Remark: A list of IEEE ComSoc journals and conference portfolio events can be found at: and

Award Prize

Plaque and honorarium up to US $500 (award total).

Selection Criteria

Quality, originality, utility, timeliness, and clarity of presentation.

Nomination and Selection Processes

IEEE ComSoc Asia Pacific Board will constitute a selection committee to select the award recipient from the eligible nominees.
The nomination must be sent to the IEEE ComSoc APB Technical Affairs Committee (TAC) before the deadline. A nomination should be a single PDF file containing:

  • A cover page that contains the nominator's name, affiliation, address, telephone, fax and e-mail address.
  • Information of the nominated paper, including title, authors' names, affiliations, source (conference/publication details), publication date, and the authors’ contact information.
  • A copy of the nominated paper.
  • Letter of recommendation (up to one A-4 page).
  • Number of SCI and Google scholar citations, impact factor if applicable.

Important Dates

  • Nomination Submission Deadline: July 31
  • Announcement of Awardees: October 1
  • Award Ceremony at Globecom 2016 (December)

Applications must be sent to the following address by e-mail. APB Technical Affairs Committee:
Any queries should be directed to: APB Technical Affairs Committee:



APCC Best Paper Award


The award is presented to the authors whose work presented at an annual Asia-Pacific Conference on Communications (APCC) is recognized to be outstanding.


The name of the award is “APCC Best Paper Award”.

Award Committee

The Award Committee, organized under the guidance of APCC Steering Committee, is responsible for selecting and making the award from among all the papers presented at a specific APCC.

Members of the Award Committee

The members of the Award Committee consists of

  • the representatives from CIC, IEEE COMSOC APB, IEICE-CS and KICS, which sponsor the award by donating USD 500 per year
  • TPC chair of the specific APCC
  • ASC Chair and ASC secretary

In case a member of the committee is also the author or co-author of shortlisted papers, then a nominee of the member will represent the member in the award selection process.

Number of the Award

The Award Committee will determine the number of awards to be given out in a specific APCC. This will be limited to a maximum of four awards at any one APCC.

Award format

Every author of an awarded paper will be presented with a certificate. Each awarded paper will also receive a cash honorarium with an amount equivalent to USD 300.

As an option, conference organizers may wish to add some small local souvenir gifts as part of the award.

Selection method

  • The Award Committee requests the TPC Chair of the conference to nominate 7 to 10 papers based on their review scores. These scores will not be made known to members of the award committee prior to the final decision of the award.
  • Members of the Award Committee will review and score each of the nominated papers.
  • The winning papers together with a few runners-ups are selected based on the combined scores of the Award Committee members and the TPC reviews in the ratio of 1:1. It is possible that some considerations/adjustments on certain issues, such as regional balance, (e.g., regional balance, etc.) may be necessary in the final selection of the awarded papers.
  • The members of the Award Committee will make sure that the winning papers have been orally presented at the conference. If no oral presentation is made by a winning paper, then the runner up paper, which receives the highest score and has been presented, will be chosen in its place.

    Comment: Since the awards are given out during the conference banquet, normally held on the second day of the conference, it is necessary to make sure that those winning papers scheduled for the last day of the conference will in fact be presented.

Fund for the awards

The awards are supported by the cash donations from KICS, IEICE-CS, CIC, and IEEE COMSOC APB. The ASC Secretary will receive from each organization a cash donation of USD 500 per year.

(APB  (ComSoc) is expected to give the APCC organization US$1000 every two years.)

APCC Steering Committee