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IEEE Communications Magazine Call for Series Editors

IEEE Communications Magazine Call for Series Editors

IEEE Communications Magazine (ComMag) is a flagship publication of the IEEE Communications Society and the world’s top-ranked magazine in Telecommunications with an IF (Impact Factor) of 10.435, a Five-Year IF of 9.119, an AI (Article Influence) score of 2.938, and an EF (Eigenfactor) score of 0.050140. The most important objective of the magazine is to serve its readership by publishing the highest quality broad-interest papers in an accessible and tutorial format. Papers are published in three main tracks: 1) regularly scheduled Series addressing selected areas in the telecommunications field, 2) individually from open call on an ongoing basis, and 3) as part of very selective Feature Topics (FTs) which focus on emerging trends and hot subjects. The Series and Open Call (OC) form the core of the magazine and its FTs provide a popular platform for our global community to react to emerging issues.

ComMag is revamping its Series structure and scope. As part of this process, the magazine is introducing the following new Series:

  • Data science and Artificial Intelligence for Communications
  • Internet of Things and Sensor Networks
  • Mobile Communications and Networks
  • System Design and Implementation
  • Telecom Software and Software Defined Networks

We are seeking volunteer editors for these Series. Selected editors will work closely with the Editor-in-Chief (EiC) and Associate Editors-in-Chief (AEiCs) and become part of the editorial team of the magazine.

The responsibilities of Series Editors include:

  • Advertising their Series (on their own and on top of any advertising by ComMag and its editorial board). Series Editors will be responsible for attracting the best of breed papers in their domains.
  • Working together with their fellow Series editors as a team. An editor maybe appointed as Lead and be the primary interface with the Editor-in-Chief.
  • Administering the review process of submitted manuscripts. Series Editors must identify suitable reviewers for every manuscript and work with them in a timely fashion to deliver acceptance/revision/rejection recommendations to EiC. The Series Editors shall recommend the very best papers for publication based on reviewers’ input and their own.
  • Committing to doing their work in compliance with IEEE, ComSoc, and ComMag policies and procedures including obtaining a minimum of three reviews per manuscript, maintaining a 90-day maximum turnaround time, maintaining the tutorial nature of papers directed towards general readership, and observing manuscripts’ compliance with the magazine format/style guidelines.

Series Editors may also help in the decision process of papers falling in their Series domain, but submitted to other Tracks for different reasons, such as publication timing or complementarity between Series.

Experienced editors will be appointed from the pool of responders to this call and from other sources, as necessary to attract the best and most suitable expertise. Applicants, preferably from the ComSoc community, must have significant experience and excellent track-record with ComMag as editors, reviewers, and/or authors. Applications are sought from both industry and academia, and industrial experience is a plus. The successful applicant is expected to be a technical guru widely respected and recognized in the field of the Series being applied for. Series editors will be appointed by the EiC for an initial term of 3 years per the magazine’s policy.

Interested volunteers may submit their applications to the Editor in Chief ( no later than May 25, 2018. Each application should specify the Series of interest and attach three separate files: a 2-page resume, a 1-page description of the candidate’s experience with ComMag, and a 150-word statement of the candidate’s experience in the Series domain. Only short-listed and/or selected candidates will be contacted.

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