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Introducing the IEEE Communications Standards Magazine

Introducing the IEEE Communications Standards Magazine
I would like to introduce the IEEE Communications Standards Magazine. This is the result of the work of many people committed to the creation of a magazine that focuses on standards relevant to the ICT industry. The concept started in December 2014 as a supplement to IEEE Communications Magazine.  As a result of this successful “standards development,” the value of this market was confirmed, and it is time to publish the “approved standard.”
It is clear to me that standards enable the global market place to offer interoperable products and services at affordable cost.  Standards Development Organizations (SDOs) bring together stake holders to develop consensus standards for use by a global industry. The importance of standards to the work and careers of ICT practitioners motivated the creation of this publication on standards. 
The magazine is organized around nine series, with the series editor teams seeking out relevant articles on standardization in their area, and several of these series will publish multiple times during the year. In this inaugural issue, three series are included: Networking standards, Access and home networking, and Management and Orchestration. You will enjoy an editorial from each series editorial team as well as their summary of the articles in this issue related to each series. 
Readers will notice a Commentary section focusing on standards strategy and vision from several leading SDOs, including a view from the IEEE-SA President. A new Industry section will provide a similar platform for industry forums and consortia. The IEEE Standards Education section continues to create awareness and understanding of the importance of standardization and the critical role standards play in industry and society. The Standards News section offers the current status of standards work in several SDOs relevant to synchronization, 5G and more, as well as pointers to SDO material. I trust that the reader will find these informative and illustrative of the fundamental role standards play in the communications networking ecosystem. …and recommend some or all of the content to your colleagues.  
Glenn Parsons

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