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Raising Engineering Awareness One Class At A Time

Raising Engineering Awareness One Class At A Time

Recently, Natalie Krauser McCarthy, IEEE Foundation Development Officer, visited her alma mater, Townsend Harris High School in Flushing, New York, as World History teacher Franco Scardino piloted the IEEE REACH Early Navigation Inquiry Unit. More than 100 AP World History students, across three classes, were fully engrossed in the class and walked away excited about engineering and how it impacts their daily lives.

Townsend Harris High SchoolHis classes sought to answer the question, “Why do nations seek to explore & navigate?” and discussed how despite the changes in technology over the centuries the response behind exploration remain the same.

Drawing from the REACH inquiry unit, or lesson plan, Mr. Scardino manipulated the materials to align them with his classes’ specific needs and goals. As part of his lesson, he used REACH’s first-hand histories and shared a REACH video in the classroom. “My students are always excited to come to class, and today I experienced a higher level of engagement, which I attribute, in part, to IEEE REACH. I look forward to using the Printing Press inquiry unit in my classroom, as a bridge to a discussion on mass communications technologies.”

Donors’ early support of IEEE REACH enabled the website design, development of three inquiry units: Early Maritime Navigation, Printing Press and Triremes, and another two are in production: Drones and Radio.

IEEE REACH draws from oral and first-hand histories, milestones, and IEEE historians use these sources in creating each inquiry unit. Register for an account and discover REACH for yourself, forward it to a teacher, or join our roster of donors. Your gift drives the future of REACH.


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