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Fawzi Behmann

Fawzi has Bachelor of Science Honors in Mathematics with Distinction from Concordia University, Montreal, Master in Computer Science from University of Waterloo, and Executive MBA from Queen’s University in Canada.

Fawzi is visionary, thought leader, author, and entrepreneur in communications and networking technologies. Offer professional services in the areas of technology & business trends, including positioning and adoption of IoT/5G/AI and development of smart networking solutions in key markets such as healthcare, mobility, energy, public safety and smart cities. 

Key positions:

  • Software research Engineer, Pulp & Paper, Electronic Associates Ltd.
  • Telecom Project & Program Leader, Engineering & System Development, Teleglobe Canada
  • Sr. product Manager, Broadband Networks, Nortel Networks
  • Director of Strategic Marketing, Motorola/Freescale Semiconductor Networking and Communications division
  • President, TelNet Management Consulting Inc., (2009-present)

Professional working experience:

  • Software engineering for development of real-time production for paper color process control system
  • Principal architect for multi-million, multi-year network management systems for telecom global service provider including development of real-time monitoring & control of base & cable stations, international transmission & switching gateways and integrated network control & analysis center applying sensing, communications and analytics across multi-node network.
  • Sr. product manager for multi-service edge node and core network.
  • Semiconductor SoC product roll-out for communications and networking applications
  • Industry-University technology research on advanced wireless technology for base stations
  • Sponsored IoT outreach projects as a part of senior deign projects
  • Developed plan & high level architecture and implementation plan delivered to the governments of Ghana and Togo for building advanced first responder network incorporating advance wireless communications, sensing, GIS, GPS and drones
  • As a consultant, co-chair the analysis of 38 UAE-Dubai departments of the ministry of Environment and water and developed GIS-IT strategic roadmap of 40 applications and KPI.
  • Led in organizing and chairing several conferences, summits, tracks or sessions for different events: Globecom, ICC, WCNC, and DL and KN Conference
  • Co-founder of IoT for Healthcare Consortium, Intelligent Health Association and a Board member of Austin CityUP enable building smart cities.
  • Published over 50 papers and co-authored the book on “Collaborative Internet of Things for Future Smart Connected Life and Business”.,subjectCd-EEJ0.html


  • As a part of the Canadian Delegation, engaged with ITU in the development of Network Management TMN standards M.3000 for all operators (1989-1992). In 1993, I acted as the chair of Study Group IV/WP 3 for Network management Support & Maintenance
  • Engagement with ITRS, Industry standards for Semiconductor Roadmap consortium developed networking SOC of coherent approach multi-core, accelerators,and memory hierarchy as an indicator a key indicatory for semiconductor process technology roadmap.
  • Engaged with IETF and defined QoS services for the multiservice edge of the network

As a senior member of IEEE, I engaged in managing several chapters (ComSoc, Signal Processing, EMBS and Computer), CTS section, R5 regional conference committee, North American ComSoc vice chair, Section PACE chair and others.

Lecture Topics
  • 5G/6G Enable Edge Computing and Edge AI
  • The Future of smart ecosystem empowered by IoT Collaborative Technologies
  • Covid-19 Accelerate IoT and Collaborative Technologies adoption in Healthcare
  • Disruptive Technologies Enable Personalization of services
  • Cognitive Approach to Building a Safe and Smart Cities/Societies
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