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Physical Layer Security for 5G Wireless Networks

Special Issue


Exploiting propagation properties of radio channels in physical layer to design efficient secure transmission schemes for 5G wireless networks has attracted wide research interests recently. This approach is referred to as physical layer security for 5G wireless networks. Physical layer security approaches are robust to more advanced passive and active eavesdroppers.With careful management and implementation, physical layer security and conventional encryption techniques can provide a well-integrated security solution that efficiently safeguards the confidential and privacy communication data in 5G wireless networks. This special issue solicits high-quality original research papers which design physical layer security schemes for 5G wireless networks or provide the industry a fresh/timely insight into the development of practical physical layer security wireless networks. Prospective authors are invited to submit original manuscripts on topics including, but not limited to:

  • Fundamental aspects of physical layer security in 5G systems
  • Security threats and countermeasures for massive MIMO technology
  • Security for millimeter wave communications
  • Secure transmission in heterogeneous networks
  • Security for full duplex communications
  • Security provisioning in NOMA
  • Cross-layer design for secure communications
  • Practical test beds for physical layer security


Yongpeng Wu (Lead)
Technical University of Munich

Ashish Khisti
University of Toronto

Chengshan Xiao
Missouri University of Science and Technology

Giuseppe Caire
Technical University Berlin

Kai-Kit Wong
University College London

Xiqi Gao
Southeast University