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Manuscript Submission Deadline


Special Issue

Open Call

The IEEE TGCN is openly soliciting original papers, both technical and survey/review types, on timely and significant technical topics with broad interests.  Topics of interest include but are not limited to:

Area 1: Green Internet & Service Provisioning

  • Routing algorithms & Internet architecture
  • Data center networking & in-networking processing
  • Optical communications & networking
  • Power-line and visible light communications
  • Energy-efficient networking and protocols
  • Communications and networking devices and systems
  • Communications and networking for environmental protection monitoring

Area 2: Green Wireless Communications & Networking

  • Green radio and cellular networks
  • Low Energy WiFi and home/body-area networks
  • Energy Efficient Mobile sensor and ad-hoc networks
  • Massive MIMO Concepts for Energy Saving
  • Energy Efficient Coding and Modulation Schemes
  • Radio resource management and energy optimization
  • Environmental Impact Analysis of Wireless Communications
  • Experimental Testbeds for Green Wireless Systems

Area 3: Green Internet of Things & Energy-harvesting Communications

  • Machine-type communications and Internet of things
  • Smart-grid communications & mobile crowdsourcing
  • Energy-harvesting communications and networking
  • Connected and automated vehicles and vehicular networks
  • Aerial networking for drones & space information networks
  • Backscatter communications
  • Energy-sustainable healthcare systems

Area 4: Green Computing & Artificial Intelligence

  • Green communication and networking for edge computing and edge AI
  • Machine learning for green communications and networking
  • Edge computing and AI with energy harvesting
  • Cloud-edge cooperative computing
  • Energy efficient data acquisition for edge AI
  • Energy efficient computation offloading
  • Energy efficient resource management for green computing and AI
  • Quantum computing and green communications
  • Data storage and chip design for green communications
  • Data analytics for green communication networks
  • Blockchain and green networking 

Proposal Submission and Review

Submission of a proposal should be made directly to the Editor-in-Chief of the IEEE TGCN. Timely review by the Senior Editor Board will be arranged to evaluate the submitted proposal and the proposer will be notified of the decision.

Paper Submission and Reviews

Submissions to an approved special issue should follow the same format and procedures as listed under the Guidelines for Authors.

The reviews of the papers should follow the same process as listed under the Editor Guidelines and the designated timelines as shown in the proposals.