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Call for Papers

The primary goal of the Design and Implementation of Devices, Circuits, and Systems Series of articles is to provide insights into the latest technological developments in devices, circuits and systems that are used in communication systems/applications of all types, from home/consumer networks to service-provider networks. Information and Communication Technology (ICT) has evolved substantially over the past few decades and has seen an accelerating trend of technical advances in several industrial sectors such as healthcare, automotive, energy, agriculture, transport, consumer electronics, and many others. The ability to design and implement reliable and economical solutions that keep up with both the technological advances and the changing market demands in all these segments is challenging. Optimization techniques have been developed and systems have become more efficiently designed and implemented.

This Series is dedicated to publishing top-quality, high-impact, original, and unpublished articles in all areas of communication devices, circuits and systems. We are interested in multidisciplinary papers that integrate different aspects of system level implementation including system specification, architecture, and implementation details. Authors are invited to submit manuscript to all areas related to the scope of this Series including, but not limited to, the following:

  • Smart and assistive communication devices and systems
  • Highly integrated front-end circuits and devices
  • Integrated circuits for communications
  • Optimization, serviceability, scalability, manageability, and testing of communication devices, circuits, and systems
  • Impact of social networking on communication systems.
  • Novel signal processing for communication
  • Novel processors/transceivers
  • Self-powered communication devices and systems
  • Media and device adaptation
  • Novel design and implementation methodologies for communications devices and systems
  • Novel system design and implementation for vertical markets such as automotive, energy agriculture, smart city, healthcare, manufacturing, public safety, sensing, and others.

Submission Guidelines

Manuscripts must be submitted through the magazine’s submissions website, Manuscript Central. You will need to register and then proceed to the author center. On the manuscript details page, please select Design and Implementation of Devices, Circuits, and Systems Series from the drop-down menu. Manuscripts should be tutorial in nature and should not be under review for any other conference or journal. They should be written in a style comprehensible and accessible to readers outside the specialty of the article. Mathematical equations should not be used. For detailed submission guidelines please refer to the magazine website for the list of Paper Submission Guidelines that must be followed by all submissions to the IEEE Communications Magazine.

Papers can be submitted anytime during the year. They will receive a review process, and, if accepted, they will be published in the first slot available for this Series.

Series Feature Topic

Emerging Communications Technologies for Smart Cities and Smart Villages: Devices, Circuits, and Systems Perspective

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