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Best Readings in Internet of Things

The Internet of Things is one of the most trending and multidisciplinary topics in the current Communications and Networking technologies. The Internet of Things started as the basis of providing identification and connectivity to any entity that could be relevant into a process, action or provide relevant data that could be used by other entities. This interconnection between devices, people and platforms has extended the Internet of Things of concept approach into a wide range of areas such as social networks, smart cities, energy management, healthcare, among others. In addition, it has involved other networking areas and promoted new technologies such as the evolution from Cloud Computing to Fog Computing, the new dimensions and real-time needs from Complex Event Processing, and finally the major evolution of frameworks and platforms to support the interconnection of different data sources, platforms and tools. This Best Readings provides readers with the opportunity to address key innovations and challenges, such as security, fog computing, and complex event processing. At the same time, it provides a wide analysis of the advantages from emerging trends such as open ecosystems, open platforms, open data and its consequent impact into verticals such as energy and smart cities.

We expect that these Best Readings provide an initial bibliographical starting point for the people interested in the Internet of Things, addressing its different dimensions and its interactions with other key domains and topics.

Issued February 2017


Antonio J. Jara
University of Applied Sciences Western Switzerland

Latif Ladid
University of Luxembourg

Charalampos Doukas

Mario Nemirovsky
Barcelona Supercompuing Center, Spain

Damian Roca,
Barcelona Supercompuing Center, Spain

Marcin Pawlowski
Warsaw University of Technology, Poland

Septimiu Nechifor
Siemens, Romania

Antonio Iera
Mediterranea University of Reggio Calabria, Italy

Mirko Presser
Alexandra Institute, Denmark

Antonio Skarmeta
Universidad de Murcia, Spain